My field of research is hadronic physics. In particular, I study  the structure of hadrons in the nonperturbative regime of QCD.
Two main lines of research have been developed:

1. study of the nucleon electroweak structure at medium energy (polarizabilities, electromagnetic and axial charge distributions)
and nucleon resonances using dispersion relation techniques, sum rules and di fferent hadronic models (e ffective field theories and quark models);

2. study of the partonic and spin structure of hadron systems through the modeling of
- transverse-momentum dependent parton distributions, accessible in semi-inclusive deep inelastic scattering
- generalized parton distributions, measurable, for example, in deeply virtual Compton scattering
- Wigner distributions.

In 1998-1999, I have been a Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Mainz (Germany).

Recent role in the hadron physics community:
1. member of the ECT* scientific board
2. member of the 2021 APS Fellowship Committee
3. member of the 2020 APS Nominating Committee for the Topical Group on Hadronic Physics;
4. member and the one of the directors of the International Light Cone Advisory Committee that promotes research in quantum field theory, particularly light cone quantization methods applicable to the solution of physical problems;
5. member of the International Advisory Committe of the  Center for Frontiers in Nuclear Physics (Stony Brook University), that promotes the science for an US Electron Ion Collider  for our understanding of quantum chromodynamics (QCD) and in particular the role of gluons and sea quarks in the structure of nucleons and nuclei;
6. member the collaborative research center SFB1044 (The low-energy Frontier of the Standard Model) at the University of Mainz (Germany) that studies the role of hadron­s within the broader context of particle physics, atomic phy­sics, and nuclear astrophysics.

I have been convener of the Exclusive Reactions Working Group for the yellow-report initiative of the Electron-Ion Collider at Brookhaven National Lab (USA);

Since 2019, I am chairman of the teaching board for the Bachelor and the Master courses in Physics at the University of Pavia.
Since 2019, I am vice-president of the S. Caterina university college in Pavia.
Since 2018, I am president of the association of ex-Alumnae of the S. Caterina university college in Pavia.



Complements of Theoretical Physics

Since 2011 I teach the course of Complements of Theoretical Physics for the Master Programme in Physics at the University of Pavia.

Mathematical Methods for Physics I

Since 2014 I teach the course of Mathematical Methods for Physics I  for the Bachelor Programme in Physics at the University of Pavia.

Introduction to Nuclear Physics

Since 2021 I teach the course of Introduction to Nuclear Physics for the Bachelor Programme in Physics at the University of Pavia.