Our Group

It has been at the forefront of the last-decade research activity on nucleon structure, and represents one of the most productive centers at Italian and European level for research on theoretical hadronic physics. We give a lot of value to passion, teamwork, open-mindedness.
The combination of young students and experienced staff creates a stimulating and thriving environment, where everybody feels welcome.

We have rich contacts with research groups world-wide (e.g., Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, Mainz, Tübingen, Regensburg, Graz, Beijing, Philadelphia) and with international laboratories (e.g., CERN, Jefferson Lab, DESY, KEK, BES, GSI, Lawrence Berkeley Lab, FermiLab).

Our team is based on a deep connection between the Department of Physics and INFN, as is typical in the Italian research system in subnuclear physics. Both institutions add complementary values to the research group. The Department of Physics offers a multidisciplinary environment, contact with high-quality students, office infrastructures. INFN offers a highly specialized environment, access to national and international networking opportunities, computing infrastructures.