I am currently enrolled in a PhD research at the University of Pavia, during which I am studying Transverse Momentum Dependent Functions in different hadronic processes by combining theoretical tools with computational calculations.  During the master's degree in Theoretical Physics I learned several fundamental notions about Particle Physics, dynamic systems  and data simulation through the Montecarlo Method.


TMDs distributions give the joint distribution of finding a Parton inside a hadron having fraction of the hadron momentum x and transverse momentum k in a scattering process . Unfortunately TMDs cannot be determined through first principles but requires nonperturbative QCD calculations, and have to be extracted from experimental measurements. An interesting feature of TMDs is their universality in different processes, such as semi inclusive DIS, Drell-Yan and Z boson production. In my PhD I plan to study TMDs in new interesting procesess from a theoretical point of view. In particular I focus my study on the processes in which there is a revealed hadronic jet, because they will be studied at the Electron Ion Collider. Another step of my project is to study the flavor dependence of the TMDs, because until now all the information on them have been extracted considering all the same non-perturbative parts of the different flavors but to have a global information about the internal structure of a proton we have understand how much the non-perturbative contributions differ from flavor to flavor.


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Curriculum Rossi



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  • Extraction of Pion TMDs from Drell-Yan data

    Rossi L., Talk. Co-authors: , Date: 31/08/2022, Conference: International Workshop on Hadron Structure and Spectroscopy (IWHSS 22), Place: Cern, Dates: 29/08/2022 - 31/08/2022, URL: https://indico.cern.ch/event/1121975/contributions/5003403/...