About us

Our goal is to explore and understand the internal structure of nucleons in terms of their elementary constituents, i.e., quarks and gluons.

Our research activity aims at answering fundamental questions such as: Can we define a "shape" of the nucleon and how does it look like? What generates the spin of the nucleon?

We turn to experimental measurements to gather the largest amount of information concerning nucleon structure. We make use of the tools of perturbative QCD to study hard scattering processes such as Deep Inelastic Scattering. We try to interpret the experimental measurements in terms of quark and gluon distribution functions. We compute the relevant quantities using models that effectively replace nonperturbative QCD. We make predictions for unmeasured observables. We actively participate in suggesting and planning future experimental measurements.

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Address: 27100 Pavia via Bassi n. 6
0382 987449