My current research is focused on the theory and phenomenology of strong and electroweak interactions, dealing in particular with Spin Physics.

During my Ph.D. I have been working on the extraction of Transverse Momentum Dependent (TMD) parton distribution functions and fragmentation functions.


TMDs distributions cannot be determined through first principles but requires nonperturbative QCD calculations, and have to be extracted from experimental measurements. An interesting feature of TMDs is their universality, the same PDF or FF, when convoluted, can be used to describe different processes, such as semi inclusive DIS, Drell-Yan and Z boson production.
During the last two years of PhD, my main task in this collaboration has been to project, write and update a quite large code (based mainly on Fortran90 and Python languages) to carry out a simultaneous fit of our theoretical distributions to different experimental data coming from a large number of processes and collaborations. Our fit take advantage of a Monte Carlo approach where the analysis is repeated over hundreds of replicas of the original data. To be able to finish such a long analysis I had the responsability to parallelize and run our code on a large cluster. Using this code our group has been able to publish the results for the first global fit on unpolarized TMDs.
In addition to the coding aspect, I participate with the rest of the research group in developing a complete description for the TMD distributions. It is always fundamental to improve and verify the theoretical correctness of our model for the distributions, also in comparison with most recent results published by other groups involved in similar research lines.



2017 Teaching assistant for the italian and english course of "Medical Physics", Faculty of Medicine

Teaching Assistant for the course "Electromagnetism II", Faculty of Physics

2016   Teaching assistant for the english course of "Medical Physics", Faculty of Medicine


2019 - Present.     Postdoc at Jefferson Lab

2015 - 2019           PhD in Theoretical Physics - University of Pavia

2013 - 2015           Master's Degree in Nuclear Physics

2010 - 2013          Bachelor's degree in Physics