[updated on Nov 27, 2017 -- please check for updates of the FAQ]

The Department of Physics of the University of Pavia opens a post-doc position to work within the "3DSPIN" ERC Consolidator Grant led by prof. Alessandro Bacchetta. The candidate is expected to have (or be close to finish) a PhD in Physics and to have a background in QCD and phenomenology of hadronic physics.

Deadline for application: 30 Nov 2017
Duration: 2 years
Salary: € 28.500,00 gross yearly salary (around 2100 €/month after taxes).
Expected start: Summer 2018
Official call: here (English version at the end of the document).
Application form: English version, Italian version.
Contact for further information: Alessandro Bacchetta.


  • the application must be submitted by regular registered mail to:
    Dipartimento di Fisica
    Via Agostino Bassi 6,
    27100 Pavia, Italy
    or by Italian certified e-mail (see FAQs) to the address
  • two reference letters should be submitted to prof. Alessandro Bacchetta by 30 Nov 2017.
  • To enclose copies of official documents to the application, please use this statement to declare that they are true and faithful copies of the original

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The application deadline is Nov 30th. Should the application be SENT by that time or should it be RECEIVED by that time?

A: The application should be RECEIVED by Nov 30th by the Department secretary office. In case you are not sure about regular mail or courier, please use the Italian certified e-mail (see below).

Q: How should I send my application?

A: The application should be sent by regular mail, but with some return receipt/tracking system, so that you can prove that your mail was correctly delivered. A private courier (DHL, TNT,...) is fine. The German "Rückschein" is fine.
Alternatively, you can send the application with ITALIAN certified e-mail (P.E.C.). Certified e-mail accounts can be purchased from authorized providers and cost around 15€ per year (See, e.g., http://www.tolink.it/pec-email-en.html. This is just an example of a provider with English version of the website. We take no responsibility concerning the offer. Another good provider, but unfortunately with no English instructions, is aruba.it: follow this link)

Q: Can I apply if I fail to satisfy the 12 years limit mentioned in Art. 4.5.l of the call for applications?

A: This limitation applies only if you had post-doc contracts in Italy, called "Assegno di Ricerca." You should not worry about the PhD and post-doc contracts abroad.

Q: Do I have to include copies of my publications?

A: Yes, either printed or on electronic support (e.g., USB pen or CD). Remember also to include this statement to declare that they are true and faithful copies of the original.

Q: What kind of degrees should I mention in items A and B of the application form?

A: In A) you should indicate your Master degree. If you have a Bachelor-Master system similar to most EU countries, you can mark the second choice (post-graduate degree). If you have a single-degree system at least four-year long, with no separation between Bachelor and Master, you should mark the first choice. If your system is different from these two choices, you should indicate the last degree you obtained before PhD and provide sufficient explanations about the curriculum you followed, using the same declaration that you have to use for the publications. Please take into account that the selection committee has to decide if your degree is equivalent to an Italian degree or not, therefore give sufficient explanations to clarify the situation.
In B) you should indicate your PhD.

Q: Should I include copies of the official degree certificates, as explained in Art. 4.5.d of the call for applications?

A: If you obtained the Master degree or PhD in Italy, what is written in the CV and application form is sufficient and no copies of the original degrees are needed.

If you obtained your degree in the EU, add an item inside the declaration that you use for publications, where you indicate what kind of degree you obtained and what grade, and also how long the degree officially takes. If you want, you can also add copies of the original degrees: in this case, be sure to mention that they are true and faithful copies in the declaration mentioned above. You don't need to include transcripts of all your exams.

If you obtained your degrees in a non-EU state, you should include copies of your degree certificates translated into English or Italian, and add an item to the declaration about the publications, where you state that the documents are true and faithful copies of the originals and where you describe what kind of degree you obtained and what grade, and also how long the degree officially takes. You don't need to include transcripts of all your exams, unless you think that they are useful to determine the level of your degree.

Q: Can I apply if I did not finish my PhD?

A: Yes, you can apply. In the CV, provide some information about the expected end date of your PhD.

Q: In point D of the application form, should I mention all fellowship or only the Italian ones?

A: Only the Italian ones (if you included by mistake non-Italian ones, this is not a problem). You should include the description of ALL your fellowship inside your CV.

Q: In point G of the application form, should I mention English as a foreign language?

A: Yes, this is specifically requested in the call for applications.