[updated on Nov 29, 2016]

The INFN Section of Pavia opens a post-doc position to work within the "3DSPIN" ERC Consolidator Grant  led by prof. Alessandro Bacchetta. The candidate is expected to have a PhD in Physics and to have a background in QCD and phenomenology of hadronic physics.

Deadline for application: 4 Dec 2016
Duration: 2 years
Salary: € 29.471,88 gross yearly salary (around 2000 €/month after taxes).
Expected start: Summer 2017
Web page of the call: here.
Official call: here (Italian only).
Please download this annotated version of the call for applications for a partial English translation.
Application form: see attachment at p. 12 and following. See also the following editable versions of Annex 2 and Annex 3
Contact for further information: Alessandro Bacchetta.


  • the application must be submitted by regular registered mail (or by Italian certified e-mail) to:
    Sezione di Pavia dell'I.N.F.N.
    Via Agostino Bassi 6,
    27100 Pavia, Italy
    or by Italian certified e-mail (see FAQs) to the address
  • two reference letters should be submitted to prof. Alessandro Bacchetta by 4 Dec 2016.
  • To enclose copies of official documents to the application, please use this statement to declare that they are true and faithful copies of the original

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: In page 12 of the call, it is asked to choose the type of degree. You wrote “replace with type of degree”. What does it mean? Choosing one of the 3 options available or writing by hand the true one?

A: You cannot choose one of the existing three options, since they refer to Italian degrees. You have to write the title you obtained in your country. Put all information that can identify your title, for instance indicate in parentheses the name in the local language, and indicate the duration of the course. If you obtained your Master in Europe, according to the Lisbon Recognition Convention it will be considered at the same level as the Italian Laurea Magistrale or Laurea Specialistica. If you obtained your Master elsewhere, the evaluation committee will determine the equivalence to an Italian degree.

Q: On page 13 of the call there is some info to be filled in about the papers. But, are we supposed to also attach a copy of all papers (with the corresponding certificate of faithfulness)? If so, just the first page or the complete papers?

If you provide all the information to retrieve the article (exact reference, possibly with additional web reference) there is no need to include copies. However, maybe attaching the first page of the article could be useful to avoid any misidentification. It is not necessary to include the complete papers.

Q: Which certificates should I attach? Bachelor, Master and PhD?

A: There is no need to include copies of the original certificates, but just fill in Attachment n. 2 (p. 15). There, it is sufficient to mention Master and PhD.

Q: On page 15 (Attachment n. 2) you mention "List of undergrad exams." What are we supposed to fill in there?

A: Here you have to list all exams (all subjects) that you did during your Master degree (e.g. Quantum Field Theory, Relativity...). It is unclear why this is required, but unfortunately this is how the call was written by the institutional offices.

Q: Certificate of faithfulness. Should a certificate be produced for each attached document or one for all, where the list of documents is specified? Should the official template be used or the one you created?

A: One single certificate with the full list of documents is enough. Any of the templates is fine and can be modified, so feel free to use the one you prefer.

Q: How should I send my application?

A: The application should be sent by regular mail, but with some return receipt/tracking system, so that you can prove that your mail was correctly delivered. A private courier (DHL, TNT,...) is fine. The German "Rückschein" is fine.
Alternatively, you can send the application with ITALIAN certified e-mail (P.E.C.). Certified e-mail accounts can be purchased from authorized providers and cost around 15€ per year (See, e.g., http://www.tolink.it/pec-email-en.html. This is just an example of a provider with English version of the website. We take no responsibility concerning the offer.)